SANITARY FILTER HOUSINGS:  For use in Pharmaceutical, Bio-Tech and Food & Beverage applications. We offer Optimum Filter, Domnick Hunter division of Parker, Clearlake Filtration and Allegheny Bradford who manufacture a wide range of sanitary housings including T-Style, Inline and custom designs from single element to multi-round.

HI-PURITY INDUSTRIAL FILTER HOUSINGSFor use in Semiconductor, Ultra-pure water, Hi-purity chemicals and any application where you might need an industrial design housing with a high-purity finish.  Optimum Filter manufactures a complete custom line for this application with excellent flexibility in being able to tailor the filter housing to most customer’s requirements.

ASME CODE FILTER HOUSINGS: For any application requiring an ASME Code Stamp, we offer ESS Corporation for the best all around pricing, delivery and flexibility. We can supply Sanitary ASME Filter Housings from Domnick Hunter division of Parker, Allegheny Bradford Corporation and Clearlake Filtration.  These companies can also supply exotic alloy filter housings as well as special application housings such as those requiring a Lethal Service Stamp.

GENERAL INDUSTRIAL & ECONOMICAL FILTER HOUSINGS: For use in everyday applications where economics and delivery are critical.  We offer Shelco, Parker, FSI and Environmental World Products.  These housings can be ordered with minimal finish, threaded connections and V-clamp closures.

BAG FILTER HOUSINGS: For everyday bag filter applications including ASME Code and non-code requirements in Stainless, Carbon steel and some exotic alloys.  We represent Strainrite Corporation, FSI, Parker, ESS, Environmental World Products and Shelco.

POLYPROPYLENE & TEFLON FILTER HOUSINGS: For economical & specialty chemical applications requiring Teflon, Polypropylene, PVDF, Lined Steel and Big Blue housing requirements. We offer Keystone, Gemini Technical, Watts, Shelco & Parker.


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