2BH 100
Features: Small compact design, weighs less than 2.5#’s,  24 vdc, 48 vdc brushless motor
Benefits: Easy to install, variable speed giving  accurate            control of air  flow using DC motors, 20,000 hr life before scheduled maintenance, less  than 55 dB(a)

11.8 acfm to 31” Hg Vacuum or 33” water  pressure

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2BH 1000 Single Stage


Rugged, reliable, proven single stage design, Outboard bearings in cover, many sizes and          voltages to choose, German Quality  Motor          


Long life, dependable, quality Siemens motors, many sizes allows matching pumps to your application, 100’s of models to choose           

Capacities: to 650 acfm to 12” Hg Vacuum or 6.5 psig
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2BH 1000 Two Stage
Features: 2  stage designs allow higher pressure and   vacuums, same relaible, proven design with             outboard bearings, many sizes, german quality

Long life, Siemens quality motors, higher      pressure and vacuum in small footprint, quiet, many sizes to choose           

Capacities: to 1480 cfm to 14.7 “ hg or 11.5 psig
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2BH 7000 Series
Features: 1,2,3 stage designs, higher  pressures than any other regen. blower,wear free, oil free design, small footprint, RPM’s to 5000
Benefits: Able to reach differentials of PD blowers without all the maintenance, noise and accessories required. Proven German quality wth Siemens motors
Capacities: to 175 acfm to 18” hg or 14.7 psig
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